2016 Student Research Conference:
29th Annual Student Research Conference

Accuracy of Selected Skinfold Equations for Estimating %fat in College Football Players
Kennedy L. Willenborg*, Ashton D. Austin, and Chris Jackson
Dr. Jerry Mayhew, Faculty Mentor

Skinfold prediction techniques are widely used to estimate %fat in athletes. The purpose of this study was to determine the accuracy of selected skinfold equations compared with dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA) for estimating %fat in Division II college football players. Forty-three players from various playing positions were measured at 7 skinfold sites, and their %fat predicted from 6 regression equations widely used for athletes. All skinfold equations significantly overestimated DXA %fat (24.0 ? 8.6%) by averages of 4% to 23%. Intraclass correlation coefficients (ICC) between predicted %fat and DXA %fat ranged 0.793 to 0.928. The Durnin-Wormsley equation was the closest to actual %fat. A BMI equation produced on Division I players had a better predictive accuracy, although it still had fewer players within ?3.5% (n = 26) than did the BMI equation (n = 22). New equations appear to be necessary when DXA is the standard for body composition.

Keywords: skinfold, DXA, BMI, body composition

Topic(s):Exercise Science
Health Science

Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 7-14
Location: GEO-SUB
Time: 3:30

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