2016 Student Research Conference:
29th Annual Student Research Conference

An Analysis of Sodexo Food Consumption by Truman State University Students
Helen K. Curran *, Whitney Richardson , Marie Arnett, and Nick Anderson
Dr. Paul L. Yoder, Faculty Mentor

Each year, many students who live on and off campus purchase a meal plan through Sodexo. The purpose of this study was to research student satisfaction with Sodexo products at Truman State University, as well as the general nutritional value of student eating habits. This was accomplished by observing the items students were disposing of at the tray return during lunch and dinner in all campus dining halls and collecting survey data from a random sample of students who live or eat on campus. The data was then coded and analyzed to find correlations and trends in the satisfaction and eating behaviors of students. The results are significant because they show the opinions of students and can potentially impact future dining hall contracts.

Keywords: Students , Eating Behaviors, Sodexo

Topic(s):Health Science

Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 8-4
Location: GEO-SUB
Time: 3:30

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