2016 Student Research Conference:
29th Annual Student Research Conference

Iowa 2016: Truman Goes to the Caucuses
Suzette N. Nahach*, Christopher W. Hornsey, Jonah Mckeown, and Ingrid Roettgen
Dr. Jay W. Self and Dr. Marilyn Yaquinto, Faculty Mentors

From January 30, 2016 to February 1, 2016, a group of political communication students travelled to report on, and conduct research during, the Iowa Caucuses. This panel proposes to discuss the reporting done and the research collected by Truman students and the Truman Media Network. The student reporters will reflect on the process of gathering interviews, stories, and producing content for a media organization in the hectic atmosphere of a political rally. The research team surveyed hundreds of political participants about their issues of importance, their preferred candidate, and the reasoning behind their choice. Analysis of that data will reveal the correlation between a voter?s most important issue, the messaging of the candidate, and the voter?s choice/vote in the caucus.The panel will enlighten the audience on one of the most well-known political traditions and its impact on civic engagement.

Keywords: Election, Political Communication, Iowa Caucuses, Media

Political Science

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Location: MG 1090

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