2005 Student Research Conference:
18th Annual Student Research Conference

Business & Accountancy

The Phenomenon Behind Edward Jones’ Success – Traditionalism in a World of Constant Investment Innovations
Silviya D. Deneva
Dr. Andrew C. Mun, Faculty Mentor

With the growing significance of finance in today’s world, it is important that the investment approaches used by various companies are explored and compared. Edward Jones stands out among its peers as a successful traditionalist in a world of constant investment innovations. The company’s management sees its approach to investment as “unique”, and believes that it is the key to its past and future success. In this paper, I try to discover and reveal the major reasons that make Edward Jones’ “traditionalistic” approach functional and productive in times that do not provide any basis for its use. Many consider it hard to find the reasons behind the company’s current achievements, so in order to uncover them one has to concentrate on the strategy Edward Jones used over the years as a main factor for its development.

Keywords: Edward Jones, Investment

Topic(s):Business Administration

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 30-1
Location: OP 2113
Time: 2:15

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