2005 Student Research Conference:
18th Annual Student Research Conference

Human Potential and Performance

The Efficacy of Pull-ups as a Predictor of 1-RM Lat-Pulls and Lat-Pull Repetitions in Collegiate Women Swimmers
Kristin A. Halet
Dr. Jerry Mayhew, Faculty Mentor

The purpose of this study was to determine the efficacy of pull-ups as a predictor of 1-RM lat-pulls and lat-pull repetitions in collegiate women swimmers. Twenty-eight college women swimmers were measured for maximum number of free-hanging pull-ups, 1-RM lat-pull, and lat-pull repetitions at 80% of 1-RM. Percent body fat was estimated from skinfold measurements. Grip width measured during pull-ups was used to position the hands during the lat-pull performances. Pull-ups x body weight (PUxBW) was a better predictor of 1-RM lat-pull(r = 0.86, SEE = 4.4 kg) than pull-ups alone(r = 0.35, SEE = 8.2 kg). The addition of %fat to PUxBW in a stepwise analysis raised the correlation(R = 0.90) and reduced the SEE (3.9 kg). The further addition of arm or forearm lengths failed to increase the multiple R significantly. Pull-ups were not a significant predictor (r = 0.02) of lat-pull repetitions.

Keywords: Pull-ups, Lat-Pulls, Lat-Pull Reps, % body fat, Women Swimmers

Topic(s):Exercise Science

Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 29-22
Location: OP Lobby & Atrium
Time: 1:15

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