2005 Student Research Conference:
18th Annual Student Research Conference

Fine Arts

The Badgers: Discussions of Aristophanes, Superheroes, and Pat Robertson
Andrew M. Warner
Dr. Dana Smith, Faculty Mentor

My presentation’s roots lie in a theatre class from last semester. I was given the assignment to create a modern play using the theatrical and literary elements of one of the Classical Grecian playwrights. I chose Aristophanes and worked with his play The Birds. The version I wrote, The Badgers, replaced the mythological gods with superheroes and focused on the many facets of religion in contemporary America. The play includes parodies of real life figures, such as Jesse Jackson and Jerry Fallwell, and has been structured to fit into the episodic style of the Ancient Greeks complete with choral odes. For my presentation, a short scene from the play will be performed and I will discuss my thought process behind the play making connections between elements of our culture and the Athenian culture of Aristophanes.

Keywords: Play, Aristophanes, Badgers, Superheroes, Religion, satire, Ancient Greece, political figures


Presentation Type: Performance Art

Session: 47-1
Location: OP 2302, Black Box Theatre
Time: 3:45

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