2016 Student Research Conference:
29th Annual Student Research Conference

Histological Analysis of Rosette Leaves in Arabidopsis thaliana crinkle Mutant
Tingting Hua
Dr. Diane Janick-Buckner and Dr. Brent Buckner, Faculty Mentors

Leaf curling is an important trait exhibited by various plants in response to stress conditions such as dehydration, temperature changes and UV light. Multiple genes controlling cell development modulate this response. We have examined a novel Arabidopsis leaf mutant, crinkle1, which develops small leaves and a severe curled leaf phenotype. Environmental SEM and histological analysis of this mutant demonstrate abnormal stomata density and patterning when compared to the wild-type sibling leaves. The trichomes on the crinkle1 leaves are also morphologically altered, exhibiting an abnormal number of spikes. Analysis of paraffin-embedded sections reveals that mutant leaves are thinner and comprised of cells with abnormal morphology when compared to wild-type. Thus, the crinkle1 gene is essential for normal leaf development and growth.

Keywords: Arabidopsis, crinkle1, leaf development, SEM


Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 4-2
Location: GEO-SUB
Time: 3:30

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