2016 Student Research Conference:
29th Annual Student Research Conference

Title: A Review of Chicago Public High School Students Readiness for College Admissions
RaShaunda J. Fargo
Dr. John Jones, Faculty Mentor

Purpose: To examine the college preparation techniques that neighborhood Chicago Public High School systems use to ensure that their students are ready for the college admissions process. To identify the importance of knowing how to successfully navigate through the college admissions process. Method: A systematic qualitative review of literature was used to examine what techniques and programs are being implemented to ensure that students attending neighborhood Chicago Public High Schools are being prepared for the college admissions process Results:. Results revealed, that while academic preparation for the college admissions process is important, non-academic skills are essential to navigating through the college admissions process satisfactorily. Conclusion: The following concentrations should be incorporated; (1) financial literacy classes, (2) college application workshops, (3) navigating the college website, and (4) college match. Programs should be implemented to assist students in these non-cognitive factors of the college admissions process.

Keywords: CPS, High School, College Admissions , Non-academic College Preparation


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: -1
Location: VH 1224
Time: 1:00

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