2016 Student Research Conference:
29th Annual Student Research Conference

Perceptions of Traffic Stops by Race, Age, and Gender
Henrio E. Thelemaque
Dr. John Quinn, Faculty Mentor

This paper examines the perceptions of profiling by race, age, and gender among college age students who have been pulled over by the police for a traffic stop or for any other reason. A survey was administered to Truman State University students between the ages of 18-24 at, in which respondents provided their insights into their perception concerning their traffic stops as well as if the respondents felt that profiling by age, race or gender was an issue in their stop or in how the encounter unfolded. The end results of the research provided evidence that minorities were more likely to feel that race played a role in the stop or its conduct. Also, many respondent felt gender played a role, albeit a weaker one. No statistically significant relationship was found in the perception of age profiling and the stop.

Keywords: Perceptions of Traffic Stops , Profiling by Race, Age, and Gender , Profiling in Traffic Stops

Topic(s):Political Science

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: -2
Location: VH 1212
Time: 8:15

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