2005 Student Research Conference:
18th Annual Student Research Conference

Human Potential and Performance

Investigating the Conditions of Occupational Therapy in Missouri Schools
Audra L. Harrold*, Lindsay L. Scheitlin, and Kim Dickinson
Ms. Elizabeth Jorn and Dr. Jerry Mayhew , Faculty Mentors

Occupational Therapist have many options when choosing a work setting. One such option is the public school system. The purpose of this study was to examine the work environment for occupational therapists in Missouri public school systems. Missouri school districts (n=45) were chosen randomly and contacted with a 55.6% participation rate. The study found that 72% of participating Missouri schools provided occupational therapy for their students. Of those schools providing occupational therapy, 72.2% contracted the occupational therapists working for the district, while only 27.8% of the occupational therapists were on salary with the school. The findings of this study suggest that, while many schools are providing occupational therapy, the conditions of work may vary depending on whether the occupational therapist is contracted or on salary. Further research is needed to draw specific conclusions.

Keywords: Occupational Therapy, Schools, Missouri , Conditions, Contracted, Salary

Topic(s):Health Science

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 49-4
Location: VH 1000
Time: 4:30

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