2015 Student Research Conference:
28th Annual Student Research Conference

Portfolio Management in the Bulldog Student Investment Fund
Bulldog Student Investment Fund*, Candice Bobbitt, Alex Ivy, Anthony Hill, Colby Bycroft♦, Conlan Wilson, David Shoko, Shane Legatzke, and Spencer Franta
Prof. Charles Boughton, Faculty Mentor

In order to identify the most promising sectors that the Bulldog Student Investment Fund can research and potentially invest in, the Portfolio Management team performs a top-down approach to equity selection. This is accomplished by analyzing the implied changes brought about in upcoming years by macroeconomic, political, and consumer interest shifts and by a current valuation of the industries. The team also identifies changes to existing sector weights in order to continuously build the most optimally balanced and productive portfolio, especially in relation to the Russell 2000, which is regarded as the industry standard for a value benchmark. By the portfolio management teams selection of five promising sectors this past fall, the student analysts within the fund were able to continue the stock selection process and ultimately invest in additional holdings for the portfolio, helping to create the successful returns necessary to expand the fund and eventually finance student scholarships.

Keywords: Finance, Stock, Portfolio Management, Equity, Investment

Topic(s):Business Administration

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 114-5
Location: VH 1328
Time: 9:00

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