2015 Student Research Conference:
28th Annual Student Research Conference

Renaissance Perspective: An Interdisciplinary Digital Humanities Project for Middle and High School Students and Teachers
Anna E. Goodloe* and Daniel T. Riekena♦
Dr. Julia DeLancey, Faculty Mentor

The Renaissance was a period in which artists, such as Raphael and Albrecht Dürer, used methods to create the illusion of three dimensions on a two-dimensional surface. Artists such as Filippo Brunelleschi and Piero della Francesca developed theories on how to use perspective to achieve this effect which were quickly adopted by subsequent artists. In this interdisciplinary project, we created an educational website designed to teach students from the 6th through the 12th grades about Renaissance perspective. The website is designed for multiple learning styles. We used our expertise in four separate academic disciplines (art history, education, math, and computer science) to create the website. In this paper, we will discuss our use of critical thinking strategies and problem-solving techniques to create a website which serves to excite and educate students about the development and use of perspective in Renaissance art.

Keywords: Renaissance, perspective, digital humanities, educational resources, website, interdisciplinary

Topic(s):Art - Art History

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 104-4
Location: OP 2210
Time: 8:45

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♦ Indicates Truman Graduate Student
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