2015 Student Research Conference:
28th Annual Student Research Conference

Lower Limb Footedness
Rachel L. White
Dr. Adam King, Faculty Mentor

Laterality refers to the idea that there is a balance of using both the left and right limb, each having a specific function to produce a movement. There is extensive research seen in the laterality of the upper limbs, yet research on lower limbs is limited. Hands can perform movements individually or collectively, yet lower limbs are more dependent on functioning simultaneously. The purpose of this study was to examine whether the foot preference effect would be more prevalent as a function of task difficulty during a kicking exercise. Participants each completed the Waterloo Footedness Questionnaire and participated in a simple kicking task. Each participant stood on adjacent force plates and kicked a soccer ball to one of three target locations (center, ∓ 30). Five trials were performed in each condition, and both limbs were used for kicking. Accuracy, force plate data, and vicon motion data was recorded for each trial.

Keywords: Footedness, Laterality, waterloo footedness questionnaire

Topic(s):Exercise Science

Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 6-5
Location: GEO-SUB
Time: 3:30

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