2015 Student Research Conference:
28th Annual Student Research Conference

Abstract Screen: A Projection Mapped Sculpture
Adam J. McMichael
Prof. John Bohac , Faculty Mentor

This piece is an abstract creation that explores the interaction of a technological medium as it is projected on a physical form. This piece was created to challenge a traditional approach to a Sculpture I project and to utilize the atmosphere of creative freedom to develop a unique composition. The work is intended to be a wall-hanging installation piece where the sculpture is static but the projection and its influence on the sculpture is a changing element. Several programs were utilized in the creation of the piece including Autodesk Maya, VPT7, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects and Premiere. Composing the project in Maya, a 3D rendering program, allowed for experimentation and a new level of visual interaction and understanding prior to the physical construction. This presentation will demonstrate both the ending result of the piece as well as the process through which it was created.

Keywords: Sculpture, Projection Mapping, Art, Process , Motion Graphics, Technology , Interdisciplinary, Creative

Topic(s):Art - Studio Art
Art - Visual Communications

Presentation Type: Special Request

Session: 1-3
Time: 8:30

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