2015 Student Research Conference:
28th Annual Student Research Conference

The Water Quality Testing Handbook for Truman State Universitys Bear Creek
Michele D. Woolbright
Dr. Cynthia Cooper, Faculty Mentor

The Water Quality Testing Handbook for Bear Creek was developed to provide a wide audience with the appropriate protocols to assess and monitor the current restoration project on Bear Creek. The guidelines in the Handbook provide specific instructions for continuous stream monitoring. The purpose of this monitoring and data collection is to evaluate the long-term impacts of the current restoration project on Bear Creek. The Handbook, which will be utilized by the Biology Honor Society, Tri-Beta, includes the appropriate streamlined protocols, criteria, and presentation formats that can be easily accessible to multiple skill levels. The goal of this Handbook is to ensure that standardized monitoring and data collection methods are implemented through the years and provide a sustainable methodology for long-term impact studies as Truman State University students and faculty turnover.

Keywords: Water quality, environmental science, stream monitoring

Topic(s):Interdisciplinary Studies Major

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 309-4
Location: MG 2090
Time: 1:45

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