2015 Student Research Conference:
28th Annual Student Research Conference

An Interdisciplinary Analysis: Civil Unrest and Globalization in South-East Asia
Alicia N. Priyatmo
Dr. Marilyn Yaquinto and Dr. John Quinn, Faculty Mentors

This presentation explores the relationship between globalization and civil unrest in South-East Asia. As an Interdisciplinary analysis, the research question will not only be approached quantitatively from a Political Science perspective, but also qualitatively from the perspectives of Cultural Studies and International Business. Significant increases in technology have produced an undeniable increase in integration and interdependence across national borders. The threat of deviation from a country's status quo due to increased foreign influence may be a significant spur to arousing civil unrest. Several South-East Asian countries, in particular, have seen numerous periods of large-scale civil unrest in the time span of only a few decades. Ultimately, this study intends to infer and explain the significance and extent to which a country's level of globalization correlates with instances of civil unrest.

Keywords: Interdisciplinary, Globalization, Civil Unrest, International, Cultural, Business, Political, Asia

Topic(s):Interdisciplinary Studies Major

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 309-3
Location: MG 2090
Time: 1:30

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