2015 Student Research Conference:
28th Annual Student Research Conference

The Past and Present of Exoplanet Research
Charlyn E. Ortmann
Dr. Vayujeet Gokhale, Faculty Mentor

The concept of other worlds comparable to Earth has excited the human mind for centuries. Since the invention of the telescope, numerous attempts to explore the far reaches of space have been carried out, and these missions, coupled with enhanced technology, have accomplished a great deal. However, only recently have missions, such as Kepler, been directed specifically toward exoplanet detection. In this talk, we recount the basic philosophy, design, and capabilities of these past and ongoing missions. We discuss the significance of these efforts on exoplanet detection and classification; in the context of the overall field of astrobiology.

Keywords: Astrobiology, Exoplanet Detection, Space Exploration


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 408-1
Location: MG 1098
Time: 2:30

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