2015 Student Research Conference:
28th Annual Student Research Conference

Motherhood as Identity in Kyung-sook Shin's Please Look After Mom
Margaret A. Stormes
Dr. Hena Ahmad, Faculty Mentor

Please Look After Mom (2008) describes a family's search for their missing mother. Told from the viewpoint of her daughter, son, and husband, the novel highlights maternal self-sacrifice. The emotional disconnect between sixty-nine year old So-Nyo and her four grown up children leads to their ignorance of her as an individual. This paper will examine the ways in which the novel questions the submerging of a woman's individuality into her role as a mother.

Keywords: Please Look After Mom, Kyung-sook Shin, Individuality

Asian Studies

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 201-3
Location: MG 1000
Time: 11:30

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