2015 Student Research Conference:
28th Annual Student Research Conference

A Postcolonial Critique of Tayeb Salih's "Season of Migration to the North"
Janae E. Fritze♦
Dr. Hena Ahmad, Faculty Mentor

The following analysis relies on an array of source material written about Salih's "Season of Migration to the North," most of which discuss main character Mustafa Sa'eed's sexual escapades, lack of agency of the unnamed narrator, as well as postcolonial theory in relation to the novel. My analysis builds on the discussion of these sources, tying in threads and themes to be discovered in the novel: Mustafa's sexual endeavors as an unnatural, troubling response to a colonial encounter between Britain and the Sudan, the narrator's development from an egotistical model of masculinity to a communal one, and the ways in which these plots intertwine to illustrate Salih's criticism of British colonialism.

Keywords: Mustafa Sa'eed, unnamed narrator, postcolonial theory, egotistic model, British colonialism, sexual escapades, lack of agency, communal model


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 101-2
Location: MG 1000
Time: 8:15

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