2015 Student Research Conference:
28th Annual Student Research Conference

KatRina A. Burgess
Prof. Priya S. Kambli, Faculty Mentor

The sun rising over our farm illuminates many forgotten objects. While constantly framing scenes around me, I concentrate on how my camera would capture an image. I am always watching for the illumination of natural light, always waiting for just the right moment. This body of work represents my appreciation for objects not entirely forgotten. I want my viewers to see these objects as I observed them. Once I capture these images onto film, I strive to create prints that match my initial perception of the illuminated objects. Processing film in the darkroom is an intricate process because the slightest shift of light from the enlarger could destroy my intended effect. Despite the substantial work required for each print, I am driven to continually look for illuminated objects tucked away in hidden places.

Keywords: Photography, 35mm Film, Photographing Light

Art - Studio Art

Presentation Type: Studio Art

Session: 1-1
Time: 8:00

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