2014 Student Research Conference:
27th Annual Student Research Conference

Black Holes and the Foundations of Physics
Courtney L. Cisler
Dr. Mohammad Samiullah, Faculty Mentor

Black holes have long been a source of interest for physicists because they pose a threat to locality and the fundamental role of spacetime. General relativity predicts their existence, and it is almost certain that there exists a massive black hole at the center of our universe. However, quantum field theory offers no explanation for them. The paradox lies in the idea that quantum information in a black hole cannot escape, be destroyed, or be left behind. Theories now aim to reconcile this idea of nonlocality with currently accepted physical principles to find the theory which deviates least from classical physics. Such an understanding of black holes is expected to guide physicists to a new approach to the foundations of physics. We have compiled an overview of past and present theories surrounding the quantum states of black holes to better understand their critical nature to our understanding of physics.

Keywords: black holes, quantum information, quantum field theory, locality


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 102-1
Location: MG 1096
Time: 8:00

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