2014 Student Research Conference:
27th Annual Student Research Conference

The Portrait with Pinhole
Meghan N. Doil
Prof. Priya Kambli, Faculty Mentor

All images presented were produced with the use of a pinhole camera; a modest device constructed from a shoebox. It acts as a camera does with a small, cardboard flap acting as a shutter. When the flap - the shutter - is opened, the film inside is exposed. The film in this case is light sensitive Illford paper. In order to take an image of myself, I had to adjust the camera - estimating my composition - open the shutter and quickly run to my position in front of it. I also had to estimate the amount of time it would take for the film to be exposed. Exposures could take ten to forty minutes, and in order for a successful portrait to be taken I had to sit as still as possible. This usually resulted in more relaxed, and even unflattering poses - creating honest portraits.

Keywords: photography, photo, pinhole, portrait, portraiture , studio art, art, self portrait

Topic(s):Art - Studio Art
Studio Art

Presentation Type: Studio Art

Session: 1-4
Location: South Atrium - OP
Time: 8:45

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