2014 Student Research Conference:
27th Annual Student Research Conference

Beaten Path
Katie A. Danforth
Prof. Priya Kambli, Faculty Mentor

Sometimes when you get in the habit of doing something over and over again you tend to stop seeing the small details of things going on around you on a daily basis. Through my photos I am documenting houses that have been/are being lived in, the roads that arent traveled often, and the buildings that once held a purpose but now stand abandoned. Each of these traits or objects somehow has a part in the way the community is viewed, from both the outside looking in and from the people who make its populations. This body of work shows how individual towns have a delicate quietness with some unique qualities that make them stand apart from others.

Keywords: Photographs, Small Towns, Architecture, Community Living

Topic(s):Art - Studio Art

Presentation Type: Studio Art

Session: 1-3
Location: South Atrium - OP
Time: 8:30

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