2014 Student Research Conference:
27th Annual Student Research Conference

The Effects of Poverty on Education in South Africa
Christina Bode
Dr. Elaine McDuff, Faculty Mentor

Poverty has a widespread influence upon children's education in South Africa. Impoverished children develop differently, both mentally and physically, than children who grow up in wealthier homes. These changes in the development have placed poor children at a disadvantage and have affected their chance at receiving a proper education. Children that live a life of poverty are socialized differently due to their chaotic home lives, and therefore are not as well-adjusted within a school setting. But the biggest problem of all is the actual educational system of South Africa, which is discriminatory towards rural areas and fails to establish sufficient schools for children in these poor areas to attend, therefore, furthering their lives of poverty. Poverty influences children's cognitive development, their ability to learn social skills, and even their ability to be able to attend school, all of which lead to a decline in their ability to be successful.

Keywords: Education, Poverty, South Africa, Children

Topic(s):Democracy and Human Rights in South Africa

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 405-2
Location: MG 2090
Time: 2:45

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