2014 Student Research Conference:
27th Annual Student Research Conference

Attitudes Toward Older Adults and the Desire to Work with Older Adults of Health Professions Students Enrolled in an Inter-professional Clinical Education Program
Katie G. Shannon* and Kaitlyn M. McManus
Dr. Carol Cox and Dr. Julia D. Edgar, Faculty Mentors

With the increase in older adult population, there is a critical need for healthcare professionals trained in gerontological care. Current health professions students possess negative attitudes toward older adults and working with the elderly. 144 Health professions students enrolled in an inter-professional education program were surveyed using the Carolina Opinions on Care of Older Adults (COCOA) on their pre attitudes on working with the elderly, to assess compatibility of a career choice in geriatrics. Possible score ranged from 42-210. Higher scores reflect more favorable attitudes. The total mean scores were m=158.4 (SD=16.78). COCOA consisted of six subscales, early interest m=13.9508 (SD=4.31), empathy m=16.47 (SD=2.60), attitude towards geriatric careers m=26.72 (SD=6.55), ageism m=34.32 (SD=4.25), clinical/social care for older adults m=45.78 (SD=4.97), and social value of older adults m=21.09 (SD=2.08). Data reflected base-line data and will be used as a comparison against post attitude data to indicate effectiveness of the program.

Keywords: gerontological care, ageism


Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 10-1
Location: GEO - SUB
Time: 3:30

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