2014 Student Research Conference:
27th Annual Student Research Conference

Analysis of EPD's for University Gelbvieh Herd Improvements
Amanda M. Frazer
Dr. Glenn R. Wehner, Faculty Mentor

Improvements to University Gelbvieh herd involved purchasing females with funds from excess cows sold in drought of 2012. Estimated progeny differences (EPD) were analyzed with respect to herd breeding goals for Balancer (GelbviehXAngus) and fullblood (100% Gelbvieh) cattle to further progress herd genetic makeup. Multitrait selection based on EPDs was utilized, focusing on total maternal (TM) index. Other traits emphasized: calving ease direct (CE), CE daughters (CED), milk, carcass weight (CW), ribeye area (REA) and marbling (MB). The pedigrees of each heifer were examined for the absence of genetic deficiencies like Contractural Arachnodactyly (CA) when considered for selecting replacements from Angus based females. The American Gelbvieh Association confirms that fullblood Gelbvieh are clear of CA genes. Purchased Balancers rank in the upper 50%tile for most traits versus 40%tile for all Balancers and 45%tile for current herd. Proposed Fullbloods rank top 45%tile for CE, 10%tile for milk and 35%tile for TM.

Keywords: Gelbvieh , Angus, Balancer, Fullblood, Herd Improvement, EPD

Topic(s):Agricultural Science

Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 2-
Location: GEO - SUB

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