2014 Student Research Conference:
27th Annual Student Research Conference

Feral Cats & People: Measuring Knowledge about Feral Cat Overpopulation
Henry R. Smith
Dr. Anton Daughters, Faculty Mentor

Invasive species invade ecosystems and upset the natural balance. While there are many different types of invasive species, one of the most dangerous species is the feral cat. Feral cats are devastating to ecosystems by over consuming prey. When feral cats consume too much prey, native predators have little to eat and therefore die out. This is where the feral cat problem is detrimental to ecosystems globally by causing imbalances to ecosystems. The feral cat problem is a human problem, and the amount of knowledge about the issue needs to be increased in order to help solve it. Increasing amounts of knowledge about conservation and ecology can better educate society about the negative effects that feral cats have upon ecosystems. Education of ecology to the general public will help prepare society to find solutions to environmental problems such as the feral cat issue.

Keywords: Feral Cat, Sociology, Environment, Anthropology, Education, Invasive Species, Ecology


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 104-1
Location: MG 2090
Time: 8:00

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