2013 Student Research Conference:
26th Annual Student Research Conference

Straddling the fence: Governor Jay Nixon's attempt to portray himself as a liberal and conservative through rhetoric, not policy, during his 2012 re-election Campaign
Kathleen L. Barbosa
Dr. Marilyn Yaquinto, Faculty Mentor

During the 2012 Missouri Gubernatorial campaign, Governor Jay Nixon, a democrat, maintained his more liberal policy positions by counter balancing these propositions with conservative rhetoric. Framing liberal social policies such as entitlement programs, education and healthcare in conservative values, frameworks and rhetoric created a candidate that was forced to straddle both sides of the rhetorical aisle to gain re-election state emerging as more conservative. This use of rhetoric helped elect him, a Democrat, in the same state where the state house and senate are held by a Republican majority and veto proof.

Keywords: rhetoric, Jay Nixon, 2012 campaign, liberal, conservative, politics, democrat, Missouri

Political Science

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 407-2
Location: MG 1000
Time: 2:45

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