2013 Student Research Conference:
26th Annual Student Research Conference

Knowledge, Behavior and Attitude of Undergraduate Students Towards Healthy Eating
Kirstin S. Engel*, Chelsea L. Krueger, and Alina V. Robinson
Dr. Joseph Visker, Faculty Mentor

Background: In 2011 the American government released a new set of healthy eating guidelines called MyPlate, found on choosemyplate.gov. American Universities offer and often require students who live in campus housing to have a meal plan. Healthy eating has become a government focus since obesity has skyrocketed in all ages of men and women. Purpose: This study aimed to assess knowledge, behavior and attitudes of students at a Mid-Western University. Methods: A structured, multiple choice survey was handed out at a small Mid-Western University. Results: Participants were more likely to have a meal plan for convenience, due to the amount of time spent on campus. Students felt that their eating habits were worse when they have meal plans (44.7%) compared to healthier eating habits at home. No statistically significant difference in knowledge was found between students with and without meal plans. Conclusion: Findings show students with meal plans perceive their eating habits as unhealthy, knowledge of new governmental nutrition standards was low.

Keywords: Meal Plans, Health, Nutrition, Undergraduates

Topic(s):Health Science

Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 4-5
Location: GEO
Time: 3:30

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