2013 Student Research Conference:
26th Annual Student Research Conference

Writing With Swords: The Clash Between Science and Religion in Greek and Roman Antiquity
Sarah E. Harford
Prof. Martha L. Rose, Faculty Mentor

Religion and science have forever flourished in the minds of important thinkers in the battle to understand the natural world. These early texts from Greek and Roman antiquity were responsible for portraying the ancient approach to arguing lifes conflicts. In my paper I intend to explore ancient writing strategies that challenged opposing ideas regarding reality in order to reveal the power literary devices held during a time that was unimpeded by technology. Amongst the clash, Socrates critiques the defense mechanisms of traditional ideals while calling his accusers friends. While astrology emerged in daily life to settle the qualms about the natural world that sciences unpopular answers defined, kings had to be careful as to where and how they implemented advice on matters at hand such as advancing in territories. Thus I will examine the warnings and appraisals from Ptolemy, Crassius, Manilius and Seneca the Elder in trusting astrologys promises.

Keywords: Roman, Ancient texts, Religion, Science, Socrates, Ptolemy, Ancient art

Art - Art History

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 205-4
Location: VH 1232
Time: 10:15

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