2013 Student Research Conference:
26th Annual Student Research Conference

Women's Mood States: A Comparison of Differing Exposure to Humorous Dialogue
Fallyn M. LEe
Dr. Michele Breault, Faculty Mentor

This study examines interactions between positive affect, negative affect, and extraversion. Participants were put into a role play condition or a video watching condition where they were exposed to humorous dialogue from a modern play. The main hypothesis was that individuals who were placed in the role play exposure would have a greater overall increase in positive affect than those in the video exposure group. Exposure groups were collapsed due to small participant number and significant differences were found in the lowering of negative affect (p=.00).There was also a significant lowering in feelings of guilt (p=.04) as well the sadness subscales of negative affect (p=.03). While there was no significant raise in the overall positive affect scale, there was a significant increase in the joviality subscale (p=.05). This study has possible implications for the support of drama therapy and continuation of research pertaining to personality and situational influences on mood.

Keywords: Affect, Humor, Women, Social, Positive


Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 3-6
Location: GEO
Time: 3:30

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