2013 Student Research Conference:
26th Annual Student Research Conference

Electronic Music Working Group
Zebadiah G. Yoko*, Garret R. Yord, Jon T. Ginder, Jesse C. Pasley, Jonathan J. Deneke, Steven R. Goldberg, and Eric R. Belshoff
Dr. Charles L. Gran, Faculty Mentor

The Electronic Music Working Group is a computer synthesis research team based in the Music Department and made up of students from the wider University community. The Group primarily uses Csound, the venerable software synthesis language whose antecedents, beginning with the program MUSIC, were developed by Max Mathews at Bell Labs starting in the 1950s. This year, the Group has focused its efforts on the creation of synthesis instruments to be used in live performance using Macintosh computers, mixers, keyboards, and other hardware controllers. These instruments implement the main modes of synthesis including frequency modulation, physical modeling, sampling, scanned synthesis and granular synthesis. Several of the instruments will be demonstrated and an ensemble performance on some of the instruments will follow.

Keywords: Csound, Music Synthesis, MIDI, Frequency Modulation, Signal Processing, Electronic Music

Computer Science

Presentation Type: Performance Art

Session: 2-1
Location: OP 2340
Time: 1:00

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