2013 Student Research Conference:
26th Annual Student Research Conference

This is the Game That Never Ends: Ludus in Horace and Juvenal's Satires
Claire E. Drone-Silvers
Prof. Alex Tetlak, Faculty Mentor

Roman satirists Horace and Juvenal make use of the many different definitions and connotations of the word ludus in their works, which can refer to anything from game to school to theater. However, the most recognizable usage of ludus is the game that the authors seem to play with their audiences to illustrate their points about society's deceit and false pretenses. Through the usage of certain terms, characters, and games themselves, Horace and Juvenal's works emphasize the sharpness and bitterness of satire, thus forcing the readers to play their games and work to solve the questions that the satires pose - not to be cruel, but to give them a roadmap to guide them through the satires and, eventually, society itself.

Keywords: Latin, Satire, Horace, Juvenal, ludus


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 307-1
Location: MG 1098
Time: 1:00

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