2012 Student Research Conference:
25th Annual Student Research Conference

"Homage to Faiz Ahmed Faiz": Agha Shahid Ali's Translation of Poetry
Sian M. Hummel
Dr. Hena Ahmad, Faculty Mentor

Agha Shahid Ali's poem, "Homage to Faiz Ahmed Faiz," captures the art and the difficulties of translating the poems of Faiz Ahmed Faiz. The poem is a conversation between Ali and Faiz: Ali attempting to explain his role as translator and his connection with Faiz and the Urdu language. A close examination of this poem shows how Ali, by way of mirroring Faiz's use of the political and the romantic and emphasizing the idea of the Beloved, an image Faiz reconstructed, pays tribute to Faiz and his poetry. This paper will examine Agha Shahid Ali's utilization of his own experiences as a translator and poet in order to commemorate, and also emulate, the work of Faiz Ahmed Faiz.

Keywords: Agha Shahid Ali, "Homage to Faiz Ahmed Faiz", Faiz Ahmed Faiz


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 110-5
Location: VH 1320
Time: 9:00

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