2012 Student Research Conference:
25th Annual Student Research Conference

Praying Through the Hours: An Examination of the Book of Hours in the Pickler Memorial Library's Special Collections
Lauren A. Milburn
Dr. Rebecca Harrison, Faculty Mentor

Using the Book of Hours codex in the Special Collections Department in Pickler Memorial Library, I have been able to piece together the spiritual history of a French family. By transcribing and translating, as well as analyzing the codex's format, illuminations, script and contents, I have discovered the ways in which this Book of Hours uniquely reflects its owners. In this presentation I will discuss the techniques used in dating the codex and how the prayers within the Book represent the tastes and spirituality of the family. I will also discuss the means by which the family used this Book as an heirloom and how it paints a picture of one family's life through the ages. By examining a Book of Hours one begins to understand how these prayer books were constructed and how it acted as a means of fostering spiritual growth for catholic laity in the Middle Ages.

Keywords: Prayer, Catholicism , Art History , Class Studies, Paleography

Art - Art History
Philosophy & Religion

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 305-2
Location: MG 1090
Time: 1:15

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