2004 Student Research Conference:
17th Annual Student Research Conference

Fine Arts

The Pre-Production Process
Joe A. Klocek
Dr. Dana Smith, Faculty Mentor

My proposal is a theatre project, highlighting and informing the public on some of the pre-production processes when artists prepare for plays. Dr. Dana Smith and I are currently engaged in a Theatre 481 course focusing on pre-production of a play I wrote, called "Four Things I'd Like to Forget" which Dr. Smith has agreed to direct in the fall of 2004. In this course we are doctoring the script, considering staging options (including original music for the performance), and talking about the many fight scenes in the play and who to choreograph the stage combat. For the proposed presentation, I’ll direct a scene where two characters engage in a sword fight. Josh Carroll and Travis Monk will perform the scene with underscored music played by Tim Scott, a graduate music student. Afterwards we plan to have a question and answer session, revolving around the pre-production process of the play.

Keywords: Theatre, Klocek, performance, sword fights


Presentation Type: Performance Art

Session: 2-1
Location: OP 2302, Black Box Theater
Time: 8:30

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