2012 Student Research Conference:
25th Annual Student Research Conference

Seeking the Truth in the Mediated Battlfield
Yabrell O. Newman
Dr. Kristi Scholten, Faculty Mentor

For more than a century women have been fighting for equal status in this country and now around the world. From gaining the right to vote and the right to make reproductive decisions, to the right to earn equal pay for equal work, women have been at the forefront of many of the most controversial and political battles. Today women are struggling over what is right on a different kind of battlefielda mediated one These constructions create female characters that are strong and independent yet at the same time are entities of objectification; seemingly paying homage to the legacy of struggle while also maintaining traditional, patriarchal constructions. With the touch of her Agiel, Cara Mason, can bend anyone to her will; this paper seeks to address the contradictions through 5 categories of study based on her character existing in popular media, specifically the TV show Legend of the Seeker.

Keywords: Legend of the seeker, pop culture, women, struggle, independent, female constructions

Women's and Gender Studies

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 315-3
Location: VH 1010
Time: 1:30

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