2011 Student Research Conference:
24th Annual Student Research Conference

How Parents Shape Us: A Psychoanalytical Approach to Plath's "Daddy" and Hughes' "Mother to Son"
Stephen J. Furlong
Dr. Hena Ahmad, Faculty Mentor

Upon being born, the first people we encounter aside from the doctor, are our parents. The way they shape us in our childhood, our most innocent times, is often how we become what we are going to be. This paper will investigate the fragility of childhood and growing up through two distinct poets: Sylvia Plath and Langston Hughes. Each the recipient of a different time and different parental figures, they each felt comfortable enough to share their childhood through writing. With the psychoanalytical approach, this paper will showcase how their worlds were shaped through the roles of Mother and Father. Also, there will be a thorough examination of the two mentioned works and how they either showcased the love or hate.

Keywords: Psychoanalytic, Plath, Hughes, Parental Roles, Childhood


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 26-2
Location: VH 1324
Time: 1:30

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