2011 Student Research Conference:
24th Annual Student Research Conference

Cumulative Grade Point Average and Behaviors and Attitudes Toward Exercise
Chelsie M. Covey* and Kelly C. McCunniff
Dr. Joseph Visker, Faculty Mentor

The purpose of this study was to assess attitudes and behaviors towards exercising, as well as differences in attitudes among academic achievement levels. A convenience sample of 62 participants completed a 19 item survey, consisting of Likert-type and multiple choice items. Assessment of exercise behaviors included exercise frequencies, locations, and reasons for exercising. The mean of attitude scores of six-item scale resided at 22.919 (SD=4.248). Participants attitude scores indicated a fairly positive attitude toward exercising. Differences in attitude among Grade Point Average achievement failed to yield statistical significance. Exercising outdoors was the most common place to exercise among participants. The most important reason for engaging in exercise reported by the participants was to improve personal appearance. Implications for practical application will be discussed.

Keywords: attitudes towards exercising, behaviors towards exercising, grade point average, academic achievement levels

Topic(s):Health Science

Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 10-12
Location: Georgian Room - SUB
Time: 4:30

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