2004 Student Research Conference:
17th Annual Student Research Conference

Fine Arts

Eastern European Folk Music and Bartók's Compositional Style
Cheryl C. Wong
Dr. David McKamie, Faculty Mentor

Béla Bartók is the greatest Hungarian composer of the twentieth century. His goal was to incorporate the folk melodies and rhythms of Eastern Europe with new trends of twentieth-century music. Together with his colleague Zoltán Kodály, Bartók set out on a series of research projects (armed with recording equipment) that took him to the most remote villages in his native country. He later travelled to neighboring countries such as Slovakia, Rumania, Bulgaria, and even extended his studies to the Arabic folk songs that inspired Bartók. After a discussion of the influence of Eastern European folk music on Bartók's compositional style, this presentation will feature a performance of the Six Roumanian Dances for piano.

Keywords: Bartók, Roumanian Dances, Eastern Europe, Hungarian, folk songs, piano performance, compositional style, twentieth century


Presentation Type: Performance Art

Session: 16-3
Location: OP 1393, Performance Hall
Time: 10:30

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