2011 Student Research Conference:
24th Annual Student Research Conference

Histological Characterization of a New ROUGH SHEATH1 Mutant of Maize
M. Christine Graves*, Hazar H. Khidir, and Christopher J. Tracy
Dr. Diane Janick-Buckner and Dr. Brent Buckner, Faculty Mentors

In maize, class 1 knox genes are expressed in the shoot apical meristem and encode transcription factors involved in cell fate decisions. A knox-like mutant, exhibiting active Mutator transposition, has a phenotype of aberrant cell patterning at the leaf sheath/blade boundary and develops on more developmentally mature plants. The gene responsible for this specific mutant phenotype is rough sheath 1 (rs1), a class 1 knox gene. Preliminary histological analysis of this Mu-tagged rs1 mutant indicates that there may be an expansion of sclerenchyma cells in sheath/blade boundary and that there is less lignin found in this region compared to wild-type plants. We also observed that these Mu-tagged rs1 plants have abundant lesions on their leaf blades, which appears to be suppressed when plants also bear a Mu-tagged WRKY1 allele. Current studies continue to investigate the histological and lignin content of Mu-tagged rs1, Mu-tagged WRKY1, Mu-tagged rs1/Mu-tagged WRKY1 and wild-type plants.

Keywords: histology, class 1 knox genes, rough sheath 1, maize, leaf, development


Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 3-4
Location: Georgian Room - SUB
Time: 4:30

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