2010 Student Research Conference:
23rd Annual Student Research Conference

George Harrison and Hinduism: Bringing Eastern Music and Philosophy to the Western World
Bonnie G. Birdsell
Prof. Shirley McKamie, Faculty Mentor

George Harrison was a member of the Beatles, one of the most popular and significant rock bands in history. With such massive influence at his disposal, Harrison was able to blend his love of Eastern music and religion with his Western musical roots. Harrisons employment of Indian scales and instruments in his orchestration, as well as Eastern philosophical concepts in his lyrics, exposed a relatively sheltered Western world to an entirely new school of thought. He single-handedly triggered the Great Sitar Explosion of 1966, and thus set the bar for the soundtrack to the Summer of Love the following year. Even today, echoes of Harrisons endeavor can be found in the instrumental and lyrical freedom of modern pop and rock. One composition at a time, he changed the worlds perception of rock music.

Keywords: music, rock, George Harrison, Eastern philosophy, Beatles, Indian , religion

Philosophy & Religion

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 20-4
Location: MG 2050
Time: 10:15

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