2009 Student Research Conference:
22nd Annual Student Research Conference

Determining the Relationships Among Factors Influencing Amenorrhea in College Female Distance Runners
Danna K. Kelly* and Michelle L. Stein
Dr. Jerry Mayhew, Faculty Mentor

The purpose of this study was to evaluate relationships among eating profile, social physique anxiety, menstrual history, and basic demographic information. Female college cross-country runners (n = 14) from two conference schools provided demographic data (age, height, body weight, and %fat) and completed an eating disorder survey (EAT-26), social physique anxiety (SPA) questionnaire, and menstrual log. The correlation between EAT-26 and irregularity of menstrual cycle was not significant (r = 0.11). EAT-26 was significantly correlated with SPA (r = 0.65) but not with % body fat (r = 0.05) or history of eating disorder (r = -0.05). Age was significantly with menstrual irregularity (r = -0.66) and the use of birth control (r = -0.71). Results indicate that further study might be required to isolate the specific factors that predispose female distance runners to amenorrhea.

Keywords: amenorrhea, eating disorder , social physique anxiety, body fat , menstrual irregularity, birth control

Topic(s):Exercise Science

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 15-2
Location: VH 1000
Time: 8:30

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