2009 Student Research Conference:
22nd Annual Student Research Conference

Family: Creative Nonfiction Readings
Rebecca L. Coleman*, Shannon Gallaher, Aaron Razavi, Jessie Elledge, Emily Meyer, Emily R. Sjorgren, Andrew McQuinn, Charlotte Keenan, Margaret Hooper, Elizabeth Zerkel, Laina Meuth, Diane McGinnis, Nicole Corder, Amanda Herzberg, Laura Robinson, Samantha Dever, Jennifer Lewis, John Garofalo, Liz Nasir, and Brenna McDermott
Dr. Charles Breed, Faculty Mentor

A collaboration of individual readings, a communal confession. Sometimes memoir, sometimes biography, but always boldly nonfictional studies of life in families.

Keywords: Family, Nonfiction Writing


Presentation Type: Roundtable

Session: 30-1
Location: SUB Alumni Room
Time: 12:15

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