2009 Student Research Conference:
22nd Annual Student Research Conference

Developmental Assets Profile of Youth in a Juvenile Justice Facility
Weslee Chew*, Jenna N. Osseck, Nancy K. Johnson, and Megan E. Temme
Dr. Carol Cox, Faculty Mentor

Possessing high numbers of Developmental Assets greatly reduces the likelihood of a young person engaging in health risk behaviors. Since youth in the juvenile justice system seem to exhibit many high-risk behaviors, the purpose of this study was to asses the presence of external, internal, and social context areas of Developmental Assets in at-risk youth attending a Northeast Missouri juvenile justice center. Most respondents reported lacking positive peer/parental support and over-involvement with negative influences. Many noted that they wanted to do well in activities, while scoring service to others and involvement in religious groups or activities as low. Students who lack protective qualities, especially those who do not feel committed to their community, are more likely to be involved in substance abuse and risky behaviors. School-community partnerships may possibly provide the targeted health protective factors that encourage more community involvement and more positive health behaviors in these youth.

Keywords: at-risk youth, developmental assets, school-community partnerships, health education

Topic(s):Health Science

Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 5-9
Location: PML
Time: 4:15

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