2009 Student Research Conference:
22nd Annual Student Research Conference

College Students Perceptions of Meningitis Prevention
Elizabeth C. Schulte* and Teresa L. Nydegger
Dr. Carol Cox, Faculty Mentor

The results of this study indicated that most respondents perceived that they were at-risk for meningitis as college students, felt more susceptible than their non-college counterparts, and the majority perceived the disease as a serious health threat. Although many perceived that they were not well educated about the disease before they came to college, they did feel that the college provided adequate information about the disease and the vaccine. Because the four conditions for taking preventive health action according to the Health Belief Model were met, the study may explain why almost 90 percent of the respondents received the vaccine at some point.

Keywords: meningitis, students, education, Health Belief Model

Topic(s):Health Science

Presentation Type: Poster

Session: 5-6
Location: PML
Time: 4:15

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