2004 Student Research Conference:
17th Annual Student Research Conference


Allometric Scaling in Three Sizes of Equids (Equus caballus)
Kathryn M. Smith* and Tammy R. Bragg
Dr. Charlie Apter, Faculty Mentor

As an extension of an ongoing study, this research project concerned relative growth patterns of body parts in equids (Equus caballus) of three body types. Eight body dimensions, including body mass, were determined for 32 Quarter Horse mares (light body type), 29 Percheron mares (heavy body type), and 11 miniature horses of mixed sex. Data were plotted and a decision was made to include the male miniature horse data as it fit well with the female data. Compared to previous trials, R2 values improved greatly with the addition of the miniature horse data. Results indicate the most closely correlated dimensions are withers height and leg length with an R2 of 0.9774. A preliminary formula for computing body mass was also developed utilizing body dimensions of withers height, leg length, and body length (R2= 0.9668). Future studies will involve Arabian mares and males (geldings and/or stallions) of each body type.

Keywords: Allometric Scaling, Horse, Growth Rate, Body Mass

Topic(s):Agricultural Science

Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 10-3
Location: VH 1432
Time: 9:00

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