2008 Student Research Conference:
21st Annual Student Research Conference

A Reading Roundtable: 20 Writers on "The Family"
Jennifer D. Miller*, Maureen T. Foody, Abby L. Neidig, Andrew J. Linhares, Luke Gardner, Lucia Flaim, Emily J. Murdock, Sarah K. Biggerstaff, Meredith L. Wells, Andrew L. Madras, Kimber J. Beckler, Harry O. Burson, Keith D. Watson, Amie M. Keane, Christopher J. Moore, Matthew J. Welker, Michelle R. Bachman, John E. Fausz, Shannon C. Harbaugh, and Nathan S. Hoffman
Dr. Charles Breed, Faculty Mentor

Twenty writers will give two-minute readings from their current nonfiction work regarding the family. These memoirs and meditations on what family means—their own, their many families, and other people’s—are candid, creative, often personal, sometimes provocative, and broadly compelling because grounded in experience and written with courage. The readings will be given back to back (20 writers x 2 minutes each = 40 minute reading), creating a new communal text. Afterwards, 10 minutes will be available for questions and discussion.

Keywords: creative non-fiction, family, communal, memoir


Presentation Type: Roundtable

Session: 28-1
Location: SUB Georgian B
Time: 12:15

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