2008 Student Research Conference:
21st Annual Student Research Conference

Rhetorical Influence Over Voter Support for Policies: A case study proposal for the rhetoric surrounding the Taxpayers Bill of Rights
Angela M. Crawford
Dr. Scott Alberts, Faculty Mentor

The Taxpayer Bill of Rights (TABOR) is an initiative that has been enacted in only one state: Colorado. However, pro-TABOR groups continue to push the constitutional amendment in numerous other states, focusing their efforts where they feel they have an audience receptive to the ideas behind TABOR. The economic impacts of TABOR in Colorado have been discussed somewhat, but not by many academic scholars. Additionally, few scholars have asked if the cause behind voter dissatisfaction with TABOR was potentially something other than the sharp downturn of economic conditions in the state. This research serves as a preliminary study of the use of rhetoric surrounding the policy as it relates to voter support for the policy.

Keywords: Taxpayer Bill of Rights, rhetoric in public policy, rhetorical economics


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 38-2
Location: OP 2115
Time: 1:30

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