2008 Student Research Conference:
21st Annual Student Research Conference

Environmental Sustainability: Solving a Complex Problem Through Diverse Solutions
David J. Leuschke
Dr. Ian Lindevald, Faculty Mentor

There are many different sources of alternative and even renewable energy. However, there is no magic bullet. Technology is limited. Photovoltaic cells are expensive to fabricate, wind farms leave a massive footprint on the environment, the production of hydrogen cells is extremely inefficient, and the list goes on. Research and development must embrace all available avenues of alternative energy, as only a diverse application of renewable sources can alleviate the problems caused by fossil fuels and their inevitable depletion. As the fields of civil and environmental engineering progress, it is becoming more apparent that a reliance on new technologies will be insufficient in eradicating these problems. The way in which our municipalities and even our residences are designed must be reevaluated. This must include alternative plans for sustainable construction practices, efficient resource utilization, and even sustainable transportation policies and public infrastructure.

Keywords: Environment


Presentation Type: Oral Paper

Session: 55-2
Location: VH 1416
Time: 3:00

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